01. Environmental groups are [lobbying] the government to stop the destruction of virgin rainforest.
02. The tobacco [lobby] is spending millions of dollars in an effort to stop the government from suing tobacco companies for health costs related to illnesses caused by smoking.
03. A citizen's group [lobbied] the municipal government to have a wooded area turned into a public park.
04. A [lobby] group has been established to work towards the legalization of marijuana.
05. Tobacco [lobbyists] have fought unsuccessfully against the federal government's plans to outlaw tobacco advertising.
06. It is dangerous for [lobby] groups to become too powerful in the democratic process because they are not elected representatives.
07. One of the reasons marijuana is illegal today is because American cotton growers in the 1930s [lobbied] against hemp farmers; they saw them as competition.
08. Gun-owners have formed a powerful [lobby] in the U.S., and have prevented the government from enacting gun-control laws.
09. Local cyclists are [lobbying] the municipal government to make more bicycle paths in the city.
10. In 1997, the New York anti-tobacco [lobby] purchased hundreds of rooftop taxi ads warning of the dangers of smoking.
11. Human rights organization Amnesty International [lobbies] for the release of the 250,000 political prisoners locked up for their beliefs by governments around the world.
12. After intensive [lobbying] by the hospitality industry, the state decided to relax the smoking regulations in bars and restaurants.
13. We went down to the [lobby] of the hotel to wait for our friends.
14. She forgot her purse on a chair in the [lobby] of the hotel.
15. The elevator is down the hallway to the left as you go past the [lobby].
16. There's obviously some kind of hockey tournament going on in town because I saw lots of kids coming into the [lobby] with all their equipment.
17. Religious crusader Billy Graham once said, "I just want to [lobby] for God."
18. In the early 1900s, women voters used their [lobby] to convince legislators to outlaw the production, sale and consumption of alcohol.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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